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SAIS MUHAMMAD founder of EG fashion

As young girl, growing up in a community environment surrounded by artists and musicians, from an early age Sais began to create jewelry from an ancient art inspired by her mother who was a jewelry designer.  Instead of playing with friends, or engaging in typical activities, Sais would spend her days following and observing her mother at work. For hours she would let her imagination fly, and from this early age, she began creating designs that she would later sell to friends. Sais sees jewels as fine pieces of art that display the sparkling beauty in stones with the elegance of gold and silver. Her creations are inspired by nature, and its infinite array of colors, textures and forms.

With the years that came, her passion and talent only increased, until finally, in 1999, Sais released her first collection of jewelry, and it wasn’t long before this self-taught artist, was one of the most requested jewelry designers on the market. Sais would soon after she meet her life partner and love, Faruq Muhammad, who supported and encouraged her young design business. Faruq joined EG fashion full-time in 2004.

Together Sais and Faruq  have four children of which two are home schooled. A lot of time is spent on the road showing her jewelry at art fairs & trunk shows and traveling the country to place her jewelry in galleries & boutiques.

In 2010 they are finally ready to put down some roots and opened their first show room, where they also teach classes.

Sais also finds inspiration in fashion. She looks forward to the release of new collections, the rise of new tendencies, techniques and trends that send her mind spiraling into a creative state in which she imagines what combination of stones will make the perfect accessory for a specific garment. But the muse behind this artist’s creation is, and will always remain, her client. Creating specific or custom made designs, Sais takes into account the client’s wishes, and her own knowledge of what would suit them according to skin tone, eye color, body shape, and style. Her talent is natural, and apparent, and it’s reflected in her craft and her designs. Sais Muhammad is one of the best jewelry designers without question.

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