Why is it?

OAH simply asks, has the lack of embrace for our culture caused us to be powerless and the beggar of all races. Why do we not celebrate and embrace our culture and ancient customs and traditions? In the island of Barbados why do we not celebrate one ancient Afrikan custom but we can celebrate Halloween?

We cannot say it is because we have no knowledge of our customs in honesty. Can we say it is then because we really do not love ourselves? We say we love ourselves but do we really? Why do we still get married in the Euro-centric custom of the white dress and whole nine yards? Why do we learn Spanish and French and in times gone Latin and not one single Afrikan language? I put it to you that maybe deep down inside we are ashamed of being Afrikan, being Black. What are we prepared to do about it?

We ask each member of the OAH family to purchase a copy of the magazine and support cultural revolutionist and the cultural revolution in Barbados. Only we can make that change for the sake of the future generations of Afrikans here in the west.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Dr. Martin Luther King

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    08. Nov, 2010 at 11:12 am #

    je pense que ce n’est pas une question de honte,mais de possibilité.si on donne la possibilité a l’homme et la femme africain,les choses se passerai autrement.Partout ou l’africain est exilé,on lui demande de s”adapter et de suivre les règles de société,on ne s’interres pas a sa culture alor pour vivre bien dans cette société fermé,il s’adapte et garde les richesses de sa terre en lui.La plupard des africains sont attachés à leurs origines leurs encetres leurs coutumes,mais loin de leurs terres,ils n’ont pas souvent la POSSIBILITE de le partager.

    I think this is not a matter of shame, but possibility. If are given the opportunity to man and woman in Africa, things happen or African autrement.Partout is exiled, he was asked to “adapt and follow the rules of society, we do not have s’interres culture alor to live well in that company closed, it adapts and keeps the wealth of his land lui.La plupard Africans are attached to their Origins their forefathers that their customs, but far from their land, they often do not have the OPPORTUNITY to share

  2. jurran wyman
    08. Nov, 2010 at 12:56 pm #

    i dont think its because we dont loves ourselves.. i think its because we dont know who we are, where we come from or any of our ancestors or any of their customs.. we dont have a base.. a foundation to build from… lwe just conform to customs in america… our culture and everything else was systematically taken from ius surpressed or destroyed during and after slavery.. we couidnt speak our language, practice our customs or religons, and our tribes were seperated.. and now we still dont get our story or get to see things from our perspective.. its never presented to us as children but every other culture is.. and if we do see our culture its show in a negitive way.. we see our culture now as the american ghetto.. and we all want to get out of the ghetto…instead of coming to gether and building a nation that will benifit our people and our generations to come… instead were taught to assimilate. were taught to worry about ourselves and not eachother..

  3. Damali4ever
    08. Nov, 2010 at 2:50 pm #

    As an Afro-Caribbean and foreign language teacher myself, I yearn to learn African languages. The negative attitudes that Africans in the Caribbean have towards African customs and philosophies are testimony to the psychogenic disorder that has been engendered in us after the centuries of colonialism, and now decades of neocolonialism. We unfortunately celebrate or commemorate almost every European religious and secular holiday, but hate our own. Lamentably, we do not even want to learn about “our own”. We say Africa “is a big place”, and therefore it would be impossible to discover our beginnings. Nevertheless, we adopt the practices from an entire continent of persons who neither look like us, nor like us. Read African people!

  4. Jefferson
    17. Nov, 2010 at 11:40 am #

    I think that black people have been conditionalized to degrade and pull down each other and have been indoctrinated to think that white or other races are superior to blacks. See William Lynch theory. Unless we accept ourselves as a nation who has been raped, duped and programmed. we cannot progress. However it is important to note that our achievements should not come as a result of causing pain to others, but as a result of genuinely seeking truth and walking a path of uprightness. We have to deal with our own angers and ineptitude first before expecting change with others

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